Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bible Stories 015

I still wonder if this particular strip was a wise move, the reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the monolith. I do allusions in the comic, yes, but I never make a reader's knowledge of them necessary to understand the strip. But, with this one, you have to know the movie and the idea that the monolith promotes evolution (and use of tools).

The reference to Lucy the Australopithecus is fine, since it's not an allusion, just information that I assume everyone knows. In the end, I think I determined that 2001 is known enough to be used, but I still think maybe it crosses my art and Kubrick's art in too direct a way. (I use an actual still from the movie, after all.)

Besides my personal agonies, the strip introduces more frustration with the "laissez-faire" of the Son, more interference with the Father (this time unsolicited), and the concept of the "breath of life" that appears in Genesis, which I use as the thing that separates man from beast, the thing that makes man an animal with a little god inside of him.

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