Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bible Stories 012

We finally leave outer space and enter earth, which means the backgrounds become less dazzling (and less black) and more mundane: the flat green grass and blue sky that will dominate lots of the strip from now on. This is day five, which is when the creatures of water and sky are created. I go ahead and hint at day six as well, when land animals appear. Of course, Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are two different stories, in which these things are all out of order and different things happen, so (like so many before me), I quietly ignored these things and pretended they were one story, trying to maintain as much of both as possible.

I also wanted to incorporate current science, so -- like the big bang before this -- we're introduced to the slow process of evolution. The Son would like to show off all these new creatures he has in mind to his dad, but instead there are only single-celled organisms. But you have to give him credit: at least one out of the three pictured here eventually did exist.

You'll notice that these "days" are incredibly long. I'm not following the "one day is as a thousand years to God" bullshit (where people ignore the word "as" and forget how to read simile): that's way too little time for what's going on here. But I am, in these early strips, following "God time" where things are moving along at what we'd call a rapid pace.

I have a warm place in my heart for Phil, the father (and mother) of us all.

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