Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bible Stories 010

Day four and the creation of "the lights" and stars. Since planets are more or less spherical, I decided they were "in God's image" since my version of God is also spherical. In 2-D, he might just look like a flat disc, but he's meant to be a sphere.

I went with nine planets, which means that God, too, doesn't like to admit that Pluto isn't a planet (not that he calls it one here). No one would have known about Uranus and Neptune during the time the Bible was written, and the Earth would have been in the middle of the universe, the Sun revolving around it, and the planets would have been attached to a dome-like covering of a flat earth, but -- hey -- God wasn't as ignorant of the writers of the Bible, so I went with the more recent model of the solar system.

I based the temperaments of the planets (and, hence, of God) on the gods they're named after: God being a combo of all these gods into one. (I'll let you look those things up if you need to. I don't feel like going through all the Roman gods' personalities and stories.) My friend Lori thought I was poking fun at those multi-colored faith bracelets or whatever they're called, but I wasn't (though I see the similarity).

The summer home joke is funny to me, cause -- you know -- I mean, it's pretty hot there. Since the gods live in "heaven," I pretty much have them hanging around in outer space all the time, which is a lot further away from the Biblical conception of heaven (that dome idea again), but we gotta mix ancient with contempo.

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