Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bible Stories 007

It takes me seven strips to get to "let there be light," which shows how slowly I'm taking this. I want to make sure I get all of the jokes out before I move on to the next thing. The "meanwhile box" declares that it is "day one" of creation of the earth (not the universe), in the Milky Way.

Very difficult to say what "light" even means in the Biblical context; I made it to be some vague, undefined luminescence that allows God (or whoever) to see the bits and pieces floating around in the universe, in this case a "formless void" that eventually becomes the earth.

I consider this a four-punchline strip: the Son of God saying he can't see a damn thing (which is funny for some reason), him using The Clapper to turn on the light (which of course is not funny), the phrase "a little light on the subject" (which is maybe only funny to me because my dad constantly says it), and the final panel that makes fun of Biblical language.

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